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Book review: Eternally Anne

Eternally Anne
“Eternally Anne,” Globe and Mail, 22 March 2008, D1.

I’m pleased to announce that my review of three new books related to Anne of Green Gables—Elizabeth Rollins Epperly’s Imagining Anne: The Island Scrapbooks of L.M. Montgomery, Budge Wilson’s Before Green Gables, and Irene Gammel’s Looking for Anne: How Lucy Maud Montgomery Dreamed Up a Literary Classic—appears in today’s The Globe and Mail on pages D1 and D9 of the Books section. The full text can be found on the Globe and Mail website as well as on this website.


  1. Mister Troll

    Hey, I read this in the paper! I didn’t even look at the byline (sorry!) so I didn’t realize it was you.

    (I’m leaving a link to my own blog, but I think actual experts in literature — with degrees and everything — are probably not supposed to read it.)

    Hope you both are doing well.

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