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Announcement: The Blythes Are Quoted

I’m pleased to announce that my edition of L.M. Montgomery’s rediscovered final novel, The Blythes Are Quoted, will be published by Penguin Canada in 2009:

The Blythes Are Quoted

By L.M. Montgomery
Edited by Benjamin Lefebvre
With a foreword by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly
Toronto: Penguin Canada, forthcoming 1 October 2009

The never-before-published complete and unabridged last work of L.M. Montgomery

Adultery, illegitimacy, misogyny, revenge, murder, despair, bitterness, hatred, and death—usually not the first terms associated with L.M. Montgomery. But in The Blythes Are Quoted, completed shortly before her death and never before published in its entirety, Montgomery brought these topics to the forefront in what she intended to be the ninth volume in her bestselling series featuring the beloved heroine Anne. Divided into two sections, one set before and one after the Great War of 1914-1918, The Blythes Are Quoted contains fifteen short stories that include an adult Anne and her family. Between these short stories Montgomery inserted sketches featuring Anne and Gilbert Blythe discussing poems by Anne and their middle son, Walter, who dies as a soldier in the war. By blending together poetry, prose, and dialogue, Montgomery was experimenting with storytelling methods in ways she had never attempted before. The Blythes Are Quoted marks L.M. Montgomery’s final contribution to a body of work that continues to fascinate readers all over the world.


    • Benjamin

      Hi Nicole,

      The Blythes Are Quoted will initially be available in a Canadian edition only, which you can order through or through your local bookstore. As soon as plans for a U.S. edition of the book are confirmed, I’ll add that information to the website.


  1. nelle

    Hi Ben,

    I’m an avid fan of Lucy Maud and Anne Shirley…

    I’m overwhelmed to have the Anne series will have finally a finale! Anyway, how can I order with your signature? I hope you won’t charge too much:)

    By the way, I am in the Philippines, I know it will take some time to have a copy of that here in my country. But I really want to have your personal signature on my copy! 😀


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